Original Music – Mirage


We are pleased to announce our 3 rd release, the “Mirage” EP. Yet another change in direction and style, following our ambient album “Astral Whispers” and our alternative “Fear” EP. This time, Voodoo Jade takes the helm as lead vocalist with music which varies from dark to light, at times dramatic.

This new EP features Voodoo Jade on lead vocals, Paul Kirk on guitars, synths and
programming , and Nigel Rooke on backing vocals, synths and programming.

Track 1 : “Mirage” : This song combines elements of a gothic stage musical with
powerful and dramatic consequences whilst conjuring up stark images of
devastation and chaos….in the desert!.

Track 2 : “Mysteria-Hysteria”: Our homage to horror films inspired by Hammer
Horror Films and AHS Roanoke. A dramatic song to get the blood pumping and the heart beating faster, with a few goosebumps along the way. Perfect for Halloween and fans of horror films. Intro spoken by the Late Boris Karloff from the film “Black Sabbath”, Outro spoken by the Late Bela Lugosi from the film “The Black Cat”.

Track 3 : “Rain or Shine” : An uplifting song of hope and sunshine combining
powerful electronic music with driving guitars. Written during the Covid-19 pandemic as a song of solidarity and hope. Previously released as a single to raise money for the International Committee of The Red Cross*

Track 4 : “La Vie en Rose et Noire” : Imagine going abroad with your loved one for a city break and all hell breaks loose. An initially happy event which goes wrong. With upbeat electronic music and melodic guitar.

*The song ”Rain or Shine” was released as a charity single on 17 July 2020. If you’re wishing to buy this song in order to contribute to our charitable cause (donations accepted until 30 April 2021), please buy the single version (released on 17 July 2020) and view the information on the Bandcamp link for “Rain or Shine (Charity Single)”, as purchases via this EP do not qualify. Thank you.

EP Mixed by Lee Christian for quickfix recordings (leechristian.quickfixrecordings.com)

All songs arranged, recorded and performed by Hybrid Spirits (Paul Kirk, Nigel
Rooke, Voodoo Jade) except for “Rain and Shine”, arrangement by Lee Christian for quickfix recordings.

The Mirage EP is available from Bandcamp : https://hybridspirits.bandcamp.com/

Also available 31/10/2020 on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal,
Deezer and Pandora amongst other streaming sites!

Lyrics :

Mirage : © Hybrid Spirits 2020


The sands of time have slipped away, the winds of change have come and gone
The tide has turned amongst the storms, the world around us is a mirage

Chorus 1

Witness the destruction, Moonscapes in dereliction
Fire up the funeral pyres, Blood-lust: the new addiction

Verse 2

The silent darkness is my friend, the blood within me turning sour
The veil betwixt the worlds is thin, I bide my time till twilight hour

Verse 3

Memories I had have all but gone, body and soul crumbled to dust
The souls I’ve known have turned to stone, illusion is an old friend

Chorus 2

Witness my resurrection, It’s too late for benediction
Darkness has descended, No-one sees my reflection


Time to live on the dark side, Live forever in the night-time
Come and live on the dark side, Live forever by my side


Mysteria-Hysteria ©Hybrid Spirits 2020

Verse 1

Running through a forest, running scared
Footsteps right behind me, no-one’s there
Blinded by the moonlight, deathly white
Heart beating in my chest, I’m still alive

Chorus 1

They’re watching and waiting uh-oh-oh
They’re scheming against you uh-oh-oh
Illusion-Delusion uh-oh-oh


Shadows all around me, I’m petrified
Haunted by the visions of another time
Torchlight, people chanting, inducing trance
I see them in the firelight, a devil’s dance

Repeat Chorus 1

Middle 8 (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, North, South, East, West)

Repeat chorus 1

Verse 3

I’ve woken from my nightmare still afraid
I realise I’m holding a bloody blade
Is it slumber or am I awake, I don’t understand
The Asylum’s on lockdown, it’s all out of hand

Chorus 2

The voices I hear them uh-oh-oh
The daemons are talking uh-oh-oh
Is this real or fantasy
I hold my breath and count to three….

Rain or Shine ©Hybrid Spirits 2020

Verse 1

Hey look out of your window and see the summer rain
Doesn’t it make you wonder when we’ll see the sun again?

Verse 2

Hey look at all those people living day to day
Chasing all those rainbows, I think I’ll do the same


But come rain or come shine with all the love that we feel inside
We can face all the thunder dragging us under and we know we’re gonna be alright


So gather all your people and face towards the sun
We’re so much stronger together and will be for years to come

Verse 3

Hey the seasons around us are changing but inside we feel the same
The fight we have inside us grows stronger every day

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

La Vie En Rose Et Noire ©Hybrid Spirits 2020


We have so much to see, take a bâteau-mouche along the Seine
Ooh là là my friend, your view’ll never be the same
Cast out all those demons, when we get to Nôtre Dame

Fire and brimstone baby, talk about happenstance

Bridge – La vie en rose est devenue la vie en noire

Chorus 1

We’re chasing shadows as we dance out in the rain (Dance out in the rain)
We dream of dreams as the moonlight floods the bay (moonlight floods the bay)
The tide is turning, the landscape changing, will it ever be the same? (be the same)
The sun is rising, new horizons, burn the Devil outta my way

Verse 2

We said we’d keep on travelling, “We’ve got to go and see the world”
We said that if we stuck together, no-one could steal our souls
“There’s safety in numbers” you said, but it ‘aint like that any more
We gotta stop running now, and then we can even the score

Chorus 2

We’re chasing shadows as we dance out in the rain (dansons sous la pluie)
We dream of dreams as the moonlight floods the bay (tu as vu le claire de lune)
The tide is turning, the landscape changing, will it ever be the same? (On (ne) saît
The sun is rising, new horizons, burn the Devil outta my way

Middle 8
gotta keep running, gotta keep moving, gotta get out of here now

Verse 3

They say we gotta keep moving, if we dare to stop we’re gonna fall (and we’re
standing tall)
They want us on our knees but we’re damned if we’re going to crawl (and we’re
ready to brawl)
We’ve been on high alert since we got to the Monster’s Ball (at Charles De Gaulle)
We are fighting fire with our backs against the wall

Repeat chorus 1